August 10, 2020


by Jens Ischebeck

Getting the right footage in education opens doors unfathomable to most.

“Educate a woman, educate the whole community!” so reads the old African adage or just the common and favourite phrase true and old as time, “Education is Key.”

With majority of the youth flocking higher institutions of learning through the years for Degrees, Diplomas, MBA’s and PHD’s, there’s been no greater time to invest in education than now.

That’s where I come in.

What’s my Goal with Young African Minds?

My goal in education has always been to elevate young people from Africa with a thirst for knowledge. Young people who rise above the many challenges well known to all. 

Just to name a few of the hurdles experienced in the quest for quality education is lack of fees to acquire a degree from an accredited institution, lack of guidelines on the kind of career path to per-take once the degree has been acquired, rise of dubious institutions across the education sector and last but not least, lack of bursaries, scholarships, sponsorships to educate great minds across Africa.

My Mission with You is Simple

African students who are curious, ambitious and with a problem solving mentality inspire me to seek new ways to assist in their hunger and thirst for education.

I feel humbled to work alongside the great continent of Africa in enhancing equality in education and in encouraging the young African minds from diverse cultures.

It’s essential to value this mantra and to listen to each of you carefully. That’s solely is my core value and mission in education.

With that in mind, I want to encourage everybody to get familiar with distance education. I want everybody to decide if there is a good benefit of using edtech in his or her life!

How Can I Support African Students in the World of distance education

My goal is offer support by guiding you through the growing jungle of providers and apps in the distance education world. With my expertise in the field, I offer a clear knowledge and understanding of how to successfully use elearning.

My distance education guide Africa is an open and transparent platform where I mention the companies which I am acquitted with and which I try to keep track in this fast changing world of learning online. So, if you realize changes in the distance education area, just write me a message.

What’s my story in the world of distance education?

During the last few years, when mobile phones and internet access possibilities was on the rise in major parts of the world, I pondered on how to use these new technical opportunities for my friends in Africa.

The starting point was that I asked myself: Well, if I want to find a solution to my problem, for example while using online degrees, how the heck do I find out who the providers are in this field? And, who are the best and most appropriate providers for my situation as a distance learner?

There are numerous distance education companies worldwide. But who are the prominent and available ones in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya?

Trust and development

This website is relatively new. Up to now just some hundreds of visitors come each month. But the charts show a fast growing path, the number of new visitors is rapidly increasing each month. 

In the past I published already an ebook about elearning in Africa: "Mobile learning in Africa: Texting the way to distance learning: Elearning in Africa", it's available on Amazon!

Mobile learning in Africa ebook of Jens Ischebeck on Amazon

Featured on popular sites

My articles have been featured on many sites, here are some popular ones:

Who am I?

My name is Jens Ischebeck. I am based in Germany and have many years of experience in the edtech area.

Many African people impressed me by their kindness and openess for new technologies.

E.g. the Kenyan leapfrogging effect for the usage of mobile phones for education was an inspiring example of the huge opportunities created by this young African population.

Since 2020 I am running now this distance education guide Africa website as a kind of guide for elearning and online education in African countries.

Jens Ischebeck

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