February 19, 2021

How Isachamp Helps African Students Get Scholarships

by Jens Ischebeck

First, applying for a scholarship may feel like a super tiring task during the initial stages. Going through university resources, penning essays, shooting videos and filling out forms is not a walk in the park. It may seem like an uphill task, doesn’t it?

Well, at this juncture, you certainly have a lot of questions, such as where you will get the best scholarship and the types of scholarships in the market. Now, if you are planning to study abroad, you already recognise that the living expenses and tuition fees may overstretch your substantial education budget.

Fortunately, some organisations such as Isachamp offers indispensable financial aid to many students through scholarships.

So, read on to find out how they help African students get these funds.

An Overview of Isachamp

As you search for a scholarship, you might have come across a website known as Isachamp. Its main objective is to boost access to quality education to rank Africa amongst the other high-ranking continents.

Isachamp wants to enhance Africa’s exponential growth via sustainable education financing. The company simply follows a pay-it-forward model that guarantees constant reciprocation of support and funding.

In most cases, those who get scholarships from this company graduates from colleges to become mentors and donors. This way, they futureproof the company’s mission and model the values to the young group of scholars.

According to Isachamp, this collective effort combined with the end-to-end support comes in handy in ensuring the company focuses on its mission. At the end of the day, Isachamp wants to follow a mission that transforms the whole of Africa and change the lives of millions of scholars.

A Short History of Isachamp

The company is extensively rooted in passion, community and reality. It is worth noting that this company is founded on the vision of a young African founder who followed the wish of his father. The father asked the kid to take care of his education.

With this, the founder decided to crowdfund scholarships for African students. The organisation boosts access to quality education for young chaps throughout Africa via mentorships, community support and financing.

Who Can Apply for A Scholarship?

Although the company majorly prefers students from Africa to apply for these endowments, it has dedicated roughly 20% of its scholarships to support the international students, DACA, Undocumented and refugees. So, you can apply for it if your vision is affiliated with their values.

When it comes to the countries where Isachamp offers its scholarships, it is worth noting that it mainly focuses on the education program and its capability to increase upward growth instead of the location. What’s more, they are more than ready to aid in online programs.

What You Need to Know When Applying for a Scholarship

Most top universities across the world will give out endowments for students to apply. As a student, you only need to know where to find them, who they are and how you can take advantage of them.

Note that a successful scholarship application demands plenty of time.


Begin your search early if you want to eliminate pressure on yourself, and in the process, increase your chances of getting an unbeatable financial aid. You will have plenty of scholarships to choose from when you invest your time searching for the best one.

You certainly require time to assess the offered grants, request application forms and other relevant info and then finalise the application within the stipulated closing date.

Evaluate Your Eligibility

The other most important thing to think of is finding out whether you are eligible for this scholarship. Provided you perform extensive research, you will have an easy time finding the outstanding endowment.

Be Organised

You have to be extremely organised when it comes to looking for an education scholarship. To start with, note down the endowment you want to apply for and then keep close to them to avoid missing the deadline day.

What’s more, keep the scholarship materials in separate folders. This way, you will be able to tell its location and ensure it’s up-to-date.

Incorporate the Must-have Info

When looking for scholarships, you might be tempted to apply for most of them instead of concentrating on a chosen few. The truth of the matter is that you may miss out on crucial endowment as you try to chase all of them.

Ensure you have the information required by the selection panel. Remember that an application which omits the must-have information will not make a perfect impression.

Think of the Presentation

Scholarships are pretty similar to job interviews. So, you should avoid common spelling mistakes and illegible writing if you want to make a perfect first impression. Be more than ready to spend your time checking at the typical mistakes.

Give Correct Information

Well, in such circumstances, make sure you are only providing the correct information. Getting your personal info and other necessary documents wrong will make you seem like an unprofessional individual. Thus, ensure you proofread the documents before sending them for approval.

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Which Are the Requirements?

Isachamp makes it easy for outstanding African students to pursue their dream courses through great scholarships. There are no specific requirements you need to have as long as you have the qualities, ambitions and strong academic background, you can apply for these scholarships.

Still, Isachamp requires applicants to meet their eligibility criteria and other demands. Your age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, class, parenthood or marriage status and other qualities don’t matter when applying for this financial assistance.

Generally, the essential thing that matters is your capability to submit an application that shows you can excel in a course that will uplift Africa's livelihood.

Academic Programs and Degrees Funded by Isachamp

There are no particular limitations on the course you wish to undertake. However, the company requires you to justify your preferred academic program and explain its significance to your vision for witnessing a prosperous African continent.

In addition, it wants you to explain how your picked course aligns with its values and mission.

Another thing is that Isachamp evaluates the academic program’s outcome plus its prospective to boost upward mobility.

Supported courses:

Computer science (OBS)

Business Management (OBS)

Online MBA without undergraduate degree (OBS)

Standard Conditions You Need to Meet

After getting Isachamp’s scholarship, you will have to link up with a high-impact Ubuntu Community. Here, Isachamp expects you to get involved in its community gatherings, report your progress to your sponsor and account manager, and last but not least, follow the company values.

What’s more, you are naturally expected to adhere to your commitment to paying the scholarship to at least two more beneficiaries in the future.

How Does It Work?

Isachamp scholarships work uniquely. Thus, provided you are a young African champ who is passionate about seeing a developed Africa, the company will help you visualise your dream. Basically, they will help you financially and sponsor you for applicable studies.

Here is how the scholarship application works:

  • Look for the application form and fill it out appropriately
  • The community members will vet you and book you for interviews
  • Receive the scholarship and start your education journey straightaway
  • Benefit and thrive from a community of young African chaps yearning for a changed and developed Africa
  • Pay the aid and leave a perfect legacy

Joining Isachamp’s Ubuntu Community

Becoming a time donor, financial donor, or even a scholar given an Isachamp’s endowment means you will automatically become part and parcel of a network of global change-makers who are zealous about seeing an improved Africa continent.

With the Ubuntu community, students have a chance of accessing career guidance, mentorship and global opportunities, in addition to being in a position where they can become successful career-wise and academically.

Isachamp donors are incorporated into a worldwide network of transformers assisting young Africans to accomplish their dreams. Besides, interested donors can be linked up with students, whereby they act as mentors throughout their educational journeys.

Isachamp Donations

Isachamp cannot actualise its dream without its donors’ generous financial support. The donors are the individuals that believe in them and are more than ready to financially contribute to the organisation’s goal of developing Africa through students’ empowerment.

Therefore, being a donor lets you link up with a network of champion enablers that want to leave a good legacy by assisting Isachamp to drive its mission forward.

91% of the donors’ funds go to the students, while the remaining 9% take care of the transaction fees, sustain the organisation’s operations, and market expenses for the crowdfunding campaign. In the near future, Isachamp plans to reduce the 9% expenditure further to streamline its processes and operations.

Volunteering at Isachamp

Isachamp manages to give students grants primarily due to the collective efforts of their volunteers who have a shared mission as them. So, being a time donor lets you leave a legacy whereby you are directly impacting the scholars via a mentorship program. Also, you might help the company with its ordinary operations.

How Much Do I Have to Pay Back? And When?

When it comes to the total amount of money that you can receive, it all comes down to the company’s crowdfunding campaign. The more the company crowdfunds, the more the amount they offer.

Having said that, Isachamp has a sweet pot for small amounts, which creates a substantial impact. This way, they can quickly increase the beneficiaries’ pool. On the other hand, if you need a substantial amount that the organisation cannot quickly provide, they will still assist you in looking out for another financial assistance that complements their offering.

It is also worth noting that the awarded amount can take 2 to 4 weeks to get to you based on funds availability. If you are chosen to get the awards but are not readily available at the selection time, Isachamp will work hand-in-hand with you and crowdfund together.

Once you are in a better place to start repaying the scholarship, you are only required to start empowering other students. The empowered two brilliant students will jointly empower four more scholars.

As you can see, the company has designed an exponential never-ending impact cycle that assures access to quality education. Basically, a student given scholarship today may lead to the empowerment of a million students in the future using the power of two formula (2 to the power of 20).

Get a Scholarship to Study Online at OBS (Online Business School)

Despite various endowments myths you might have come across, student scholarships are offered to individuals who want to study online. Thus, whether you have started an online degree course in IT and Computing or taking e-learning classes at the Online Business School, you can apply and utilise the Isachamp funds.

If you are enrolled at OBS and working towards a computer science degree, you certainly have similar eligibility for Isachamp financial funds as the typical students. A university student is a university student, regardless of their physical location.

Provided you meet the endowment requirements, you should be eligible for the accompanying monetary awards. The best thing is that organisations are starting to offer special grants for online students.

In most cases, the students who opt to study online are in the direst need of these endowment funds. Notably, online learning is one of the most affordable and time-saving ways of getting an acknowledged degree, mainly when working full-time or taking care of kids.

The students who cannot easily afford online classes at OBS need to apply for these types of funds. Students taking online classes need to look out for financial assistance, especially the need-based assistance, like scholarship for women and the refugees.

Lastly, getting a degree should not be an issue of your financial capability. OBS is a unique school that encourages personal and professional development, customised to each student’s personal requirements.

Therefore, to continue its commitment to easily affordable education, the Online Business School is encouraging its students to apply for endowments at Isachamp. This way, students will earn an internationally recognised Bachelor’s or Master’s in modern fields, like IT and Computing, without a financial struggle.

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