Become a Pro in Business Management: Step up to senior roles and become a key decision-maker.

The business landscape in Africa is booming.

And it needs experts like you to seize the opportunity.

With advanced business management skills, you will be able to help organizations achieve business growth through strategic plans.

Why Business Management is the right career choice for you?

Whether you are looking to climb the ladder within the company you currently work with, looking for a new job, or even thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship, Business Management skills will prove handy to your success.

Many Africans have taken degree programs that ended up to be no longer needed in the job market. But Business experts are always on demand. Not a single business can develop without a business management expert.

With the rise of remote work and freelancing, you will be rest assured to find jobs anywhere. Thanks to the growing digital connectivity in Africa.

This is not only the right career choice for you, but it will also increase your salary!

What are you waiting for?

Step in the corporate world armed with the right skills from world-recognized professionals.

Enroll in this degree course, offered 100% online, and see a change in your life.



I've learned that to be a successful distance learner and you have to be self-disciplined and able to work well on your own.


The studying materials are very useful, no hidden fees and the staff is great. So please do not hesitate to join.


My favourite thing about studying with OBS was the ability to study at my own convenience and pace.

Online Degree in Business Management: affordable and high quality!

Escape Unemployment - pave the road to your bright future now!

Do you belong to all these hundreds of thousands young people who are clever and intelligent, ambitious and curious for the future?

But the actual situation doesn't allows you to study? All available university places are already taken and tuition fees are high, maybe too high?

You have limited time corridors available for studying?

You want to study, but

  • you still got no university place?
  • you look for high quality courses?
  • you need an affordable degree
  • you need an accredited degree

Your Solution: Study online at the Online Business School

The Online Business School (OBS) is situated in Great Britain and invites students from all over the world to study online for a degree or MBA from UK universities for less than £6,000.

By offering a wide range of Level 3, 4 and 5 courses the OBS provides affordable access to quality higher education.

  • Online places to study are always available, you can start whenever you want
  • Courses are affordable and transparent
  • High quality education, certified by independent institutions
  •  Online Business School is accredited

The Online Business School Highlights

The OBS offers a full undergraduate program with the possibility to go on and graduate with a master's degree.

Such as "Business Management". 

Completely online

Laptop to study online

What you need to start

  • A high school degree (A level or equivalent)
  • Internet access and a laptop
  • Over 18 years old
  • English language in reading and writing
Sample undergraduate cerificate

what you get

  • Business Management Undergraduate Course in Level 4 & 5 (University 1st and 2nd year)
  • Accredited undergraduate degree
  • Top up graduate courses, completely online available
  • Free unlimited tutor support
  • Study with over 12,000 students from over 100 countries
OBS how it works to study online

How it works

  • You earn credits with each undergraduate module and assignment
  • Level 4 & 5 courses include 10 modules each with an online muliple choice assessment
  • The undergraduate programme gives you 240 University credits on completion of the course.
  • After this you can transfer your credits to a range of Universities we partner with that offer distance learning and on Campus top-ups to complete your degree.
  • OBS’s web-based modules allow students to learn what they want, when they want and how they want. OBS has a 24/7 student networking platform, personal dashboards, group webinars and bank of pre-recorded group webcasts.

What 3 OBS graduates say about it (out of over 12,000):

The quality of the course was in par with the expectancy of a Postgraduate Master Level 7 and was indeed very challenging.

I never thought I would be able to complete my Level 5 Diploma, but if you believe in yourself, you can do it.

I got the support and assistance needed to push through successfully.

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Undergraduate in Business Management (Level 4 & 5)



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Package includes

  • University 1st Year (Level 4) Full Course Materials and Exams
  • University 2nd Year (Level 5) Full Course Materials and Exams

Also includes

  • Unlimited tutor support
  • Recognised Ofqual Qualification

Enrollment: next step

After you click on the "Enrol now" button you are guided to the OBS page to check your entry requirements like your age (>18 years old) and your confirmation that you have finished your high school education.

100% money back guarantee for an undergraduate course online

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you don't get undergraduate exam by two years, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for this progamme?

To enrol onto the Level 4 course, you must be at least 18 and have a full secondary education. Before enroling on to the Level 5 course, you must complete the Level 4 or equivalent.

Career path

Successful completion of the full Level 4/5 Extended Diploma in Management and final year of an accredited Undergraduate Degree programme will give students the right credentials to go on and apply for a job in marketing, accounting, human resources, management or business consultancy.

Level 4 module listing

Developing personal skills

Develop a range of personal skills vital to the world of business. Concentrating on communication, leadership and decision making techniques.

Effective communication

Communication is the key to effective operations and working effectively with others. Throughout this module, learners will grasp a range of communication techniques used for a variety of commercial purposes.

The business environment

Explore issues outside of the business that may affect the business and its operations. Looking into economics, international dimensions, nature and competition.

The marketing mix

Exploring and using the marketing mix as part of the business planning process.

Strategic HRM

This module looks at employees and people as a business’ most valuable asset. Recruit the best, reward the best and retain the best.

Managing ethically

Explore the various theories and models of management and their different contexts.

Culture and the organisation

What is meant by culture? Why is it important? How does it differ between organisations?

Customers and customer service

This module looks at customers as the fulcrum of any business.

Fundamentals of accounting

On completion of this module, learners will understand accounts and how they can be used to give insight into the health of the organisation.

Financial management and control

In this module, learners will compare and contrast some examples of good and bad financial decision making and the impact on the business.

Level 5 module listing

The entrepreneurial manager

What is an entrepreneur? Examine the skills and qualities of entrepreneurship.

Organisation structures

Why are organisations structured in the way they are? What determines the optimum structure and how does it differ between organisations? In this module, learners will look at the numerous models and theories that make up organisational structure.

Practical accounting analysis

Learners will complete exercises in accounts throughout this module to understand what they are telling us and the actions that analysis can precipitate.

Business planning and goal setting

What is the business trying to achieve? What will it do? How will it do it? This module focuses on the creation of clear goals and clear plans to achieve a clear objective.

Politics and business

Impact of politics on business and how it may help or hinder business. This module will educate learners on economic impact, exports and government support.

Business law

Explore the statutory responsibilities of managers as learners look into the legalities of business and business executives.

Managing in today’s world

Business in the modern world. This module focuses on governance and equality as a means to do right in business.

Performance management

Understanding how your people and your business can continually improve together, learners will review reward structures, CPD, training and development to ensure high performance in business.

Marketing and sales planning

Learners will analyse how markets, customers, competitors and products can come together in a cohesive plan.

Quantitative skills

On successful completion of this module, learners will have knowledge of numeric exercises and will understand their use within the context of the business.

Written assignments

The Qualifi level 4/5 diploma in business management has 6 written assignments at each level. The assignments are approximately 2,000-3,000 words each. Students are provided support on the modules and assignments via the ‘Tutor’ section of the learning platform.

The assignment unit titles for the level 4 course are:

  1. Managing change
  2. Communication in an organisation
  3. Business operations
  4. Leadership and the organisation
  5. Developing teams
  6. Financial awareness

More information about the level 4 units can be found here: Qualifi level 4 diploma in business management

The assignment unit titles for the level 5 course are:

  1. Business development
  2. Business models and growing organisations
  3. Customer management
  4. Responding to the changing business environment
  5. Risk management and organisations
  6. Effective decision making

More information about the level 4 units can be found here ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business and Management | Athe

The assignment unit titles for the level 5 course are:

  1.  Managing communications
  2. Business organisations in a global context
  3. People management
  4. Finance for managers
  5. Research project
  6. Marketing principles and practice
  7. Planning a new business venture
  8. Business law

More information about the level 5 units can be found here ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Management | Athe

University top-up

If you decide to top up to a full undergraduate degree through an accredited UK university, the costs are listed below. 

Please note, the below costs are for distance learning/online only.

You have the option of finishing on campus, costs will vary depending on which university you chose to complete the final year at.

Northampton University

BA (Hons) in Business and Management Top up – £3800

BSc (Hons) in International Accounting Top up -£3800

University of Derby

Undergraduate Top up to BA – £4400

Edinburgh Napier University

BA in Business Management (Top-Up) – £4600
BA in Business and Enterprise (Top-Up) – £4600
BA in Sales Management (Top-Up) – £4600

Anglia Ruskin University

BSc (Hons) Business Management (Final Year) – £4500

BA (Hons) Management (Top-Up) – £4500

University of Sunderland – On Campus

BA (Hons) Business and Management (Year 3 ) – £9250

University of Bolton 

BA (Hons) Top-up, fee £10,250, duration 2 semesters

Buckinghamshire New University 

BA (Hons) Top-up, fee £3,000

Coventry University 

BA (Hons) Top-up – progression from ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management, fee £9,560

Southern Cross University

Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management
Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management
Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Please enquire for top up prices for Southern Cross University

University of Hertfordshire

BA (Hons) Business Administration (top-up) (Online) | Courses | University of Hertfordshire (

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

Business Management (Top Up), BA (Hons) – University of Central Lancashire (

University of Cumbria

BA (Hons) Global Business Management (Top-Up) Course – University of Cumbria

BA (Hons) International Business Management (Top-up) Course – University of Cumbria

University of Chichester

BA (Hons) Business Management (Top Up) 

Sheffield Hallam University

BA (Honours) International Business with Management

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Undergraduate Top up to BA – €6000

NOTE: UK/EU students may be eligible for student loans for the top-up portion of their studies. Visit for more information.

Business Management:

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Undergraduate in Business Management (Level 4 & 5)



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Package includes

  • University 1st Year (Level 4) Full Course Materials and Exams
  • University 2nd Year (Level 5) Full Course Materials and Exams

Also includes

  • Unlimited tutor support
  • Recognised Ofqual Qualification