August 12, 2020

7 steps to earn money online with OBS

by Jens Ischebeck

With the advancement in technology, there are many opportunities to earn money online. From being a virtual assistant, freelance writer, an online marketer, a survey taker, an audio transcriber to doing online customer service, you can never miss an opportunity to work online with all these provided options.

Another faster way to earn money online is by being an online subagent. A subagent is a person given the authority by an agent to promote a product or a service.

You can become a subagent for the British Online Business School and earn a high commission.

The Online Business School (OBS)

Online Business School is a more comfortable option to pursue higher learning. With over 12 000 students from over 100 countries in the world, a student is sure to get a quality education while experiencing diverse cultures. 

Tertiary institutions are congested and more costly these days. With the Online Business School, a student accesses free unlimited tutor support. Tutor support implies that when a student enrols, they have a one to one encounter with a subject expert.

Due to the high competition for slots in tertiary institutions, especially in African countries, it is paramount that students take advantage of online courses. Online Business School offers a chance to get a bachelor's degree quickly and conveniently.

Getting a bachelor's degree can also prove to be costly. If a student qualifies for courses considered as prestigious, he or she may experience difficulties when it comes to paying for these courses. An online course at the Online Business School is affordable, and there is even a 10% discount for students who enrol through a subagent. 

The student completes this study having paid less than 5000£ for the whole undergraduate programme. They get to save up to 50% of a regional private sponsored university student.

Unlike many university courses that take a long time to finish and finally get your degree, online courses at the Online Business School saves you time. Students learn at their own pace since the school offers a flexible schedule for the student and quickly get your degree.

Some of the courses offered at the Online Business School are Human Resource Management, Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Hotel and Hospitality, IT, and Computing, among many others that are on the website.

The Online Business School provides students with several options for courses that are usually not available at local universities. The courses prepare students for the digital market where the world is heading. 

The student has the assurance of having a certificate that is of value and useful. He or she benefits an accredited high-level bachelor degree programme. They, therefore, come out well sharpened and as competitive as the market demands. 

The Online Business School allows you to earn money online by being their subagent. It is effortless to find interested applicants for online school since it possesses many advantages. 

Through an agent who has a legal partnership agreement with the Online Business School, you can register as a subagent and start to earn money online is quick and easy steps. 

7 simple steps on how you can become a subagent and earn money online

1. Recruiting students. The first step after you are made a subagent is to persuade students to enrol for the available undergraduate programs on the website of the Business School Online. Keep in mind that they have to register using your discount voucher code.

2. After successfully convincing a student, the student then enrols for the offered programs with the discount voucher code so that they get a 10% discount on the fee.

3. The student then pays the course fee for the courses they enrol for. The payment options are PayPal, credit card, debit card, employer funding, Western union, or bank transfer. 

4. A receipt is issued.

5. The agent is notified by the Online Business School that there was successful recruitment.

6. The Online Business School then pays the agent his or her commission.

7. The agent then notifies you as the subagent and pays you a commission of £200 for every successful recruitment.

How the Online Business School knows it's you

You are only able to earn if the students get to enrol using a discount voucher code that the agent gives you once you agree to be a subagent. The discount voucher code acts as the link between the Online Business School, the agent, and you.

When the applicants use the discount voucher code, they can get a 10% discount. The Online Business School requires your mandatorily to be able to track the applications back to you as the subagent.

Advantages of being a subagent for the Online Business School

1. It is a legitimate way to earn money online. Many agents online are fraudsters looking for less smart people to fraud. However, the Online Business School agent already has a partnership agreement with the Online Business School. You can, therefore, trust this way of earning. 

2. It is a fast way of earning. You do not have to wait for your commission after a certain period. You receive it as soon after successful recruitment.

3. The process is not complicated. All you have to do is convince a student to enrol and wait for your payment after they successfully register. 

4. Work remotely. There is no precise and specific work location. You get to work in the comfort of your home.

5. No need for paperwork, work files, or work tools. With good internet access, you only need a personal computer or a smart device such as a smartphone to work from home and earn money online.

Guideline for a subagent on student recruitment

For a student to take the step of registering with the Online Business School, a subagent must persuade them to the point of no doubt. Many questions pop up at this stage as the student wants to understand what they are getting into.

Inform the student on who precisely the Online Business School is and what they do. State the courses offered and how relevant they are to the current world market. Also, inform the student of the advantage of the online school having courses that may not be available in local universities.

For requirements and qualifications, students need to be proficient in the English language. Those who do not come from an English speaking country can also enrol, but first, take an IELTS course to be better at the words. Scoring a level of 5.5 or higher will guarantee the student an understanding of the courses offered.

Apart from English language proficiency, those students applying for a bachelor's degree are required to have full secondary education. There is also a minimum age requirement for a student to enrol.

Once a student feels they qualify, they have to fill a short application form. The application form is to enable Online Business School to check if the student meets the requirements and expected criteria. Inform the student that there is no interview.

One of the main worries of students is the cost of education. Make the student know that there are no additional costs aside from the discounted tuition fee they pay after enrolling with your discount voucher code.

The tuition fee paid covers the cost of any learning resources that the student will receive. These learning resources are games, e-books, tutor support, and short business courses. Once you make the fee payment, all these materials are released to the student. Assessments costs are in the tuition fee. 

The payment options are fast and convenient for the student. The Online Business School provides several payment options to accommodate all students who transact their money differently. The options are western union, PayPal, credit or debit card, and bank transfers.

For students who may need financial assistance, the Online Business School offers an interest-free payment plan. This payment plan lets you pay for the course for some months. Students in the UK can apply for student loans. 

A provided online platform called social learning forums lets students interact with one another and share much despite being in different places around the globe. Students experience and learn about different cultures while making friends.

Social learning forums not only lets the students have enjoyable and meaningful interactions but also help each other through the content of courses they are taking. They get to share relevant and useful links among themselves.

The critical question that students will ask a subagent is how they can apply. As a subagent, direct them to the Online Business School website and allow them to choose a course of their interest on the course page. From there, they can easily enrol since there is a menu for different options.


Take the chance to earn money online by registering as a subagent.

With a commission of £200 for every recruitment you do, you can rely on this online work to boost your monthly income.

The process is not tiresome and demanding.

You only need to have excellent communication skills and internet access, and with only that, you are good to go.