May 11, 2021

Online MBA Without Undergraduate Degree: boost your career!

by Jens Ischebeck

Online MBA without undergraduate degree, let's look for some magic!

For many people, it is always a great moment to achieve academic excellence. 

However, due to different reasons, this is not possible for others. Most affected by this problem are young Africans.

Online learning is changing the narrative for these young students. It has made it possible to get an MBA without bachelor degree requirement.

Faced with different challenges, distance education provides a perfect platform to pursue education. One of the best available course is an online MBA without a degree.

It is particularly appealing because it's possible to get an online MBA without a bachelor degree.

If you are in the business field, can you get an MBA without an undergraduate degree in business?

With online learning, this is a possibility.

Let me tell you how it works.

1. Challenges Facing Young African Students

With most African countries being low-income countries, education is often seen as the way out by most people. This notion makes education appealing.

However, many challenges in some of these countries make it hard to pursue education (education inequalities). 

Some of these challenges include:

a) Overcrowded State Universities

With many young people focusing on changing their fortunes through education, most of them apply for university education. The admission rate in most public universities is always high. The high numbers become overwhelming for most institutions.

More often than not in most universities run out of accommodation space for learners. The social amenities are also inadequate, which makes it hard to have a smooth learning experience. The high number of students make it hard for both tutors and learners to perform their roles.

b) Expensive Private Universities

For different reasons, some students fail to qualify for public universities. It may be down to grades, corrupt admission systems or maximum capacity in public universities. The remaining available vacancies are at private universities that are very expensive.

Most of these universities are fund by foreigners or rich individuals. Life at these universities expensive. The tuition fee is at high figures that are hard for locals to afford. This situation puts most willing students at the risk of dropping out due to lack of funds.

See my article "3 Ways to Finance Your Online Studies".

c) Mistrust In Local Educational Institutions

This is a common challenge in many countries. With corruption being a major problem in some countries is not uncommon to encounter integrity-related situations. From unscrupulous tutors to students making shady deals, this leads to many questions on the credibility of some institutions.

Exam malpractices for the sake of good grades is also high. Irregularities often lead to under baked graduates. It soils the name of some institutions, making it hard for alumni graduates to get employment. It is a disturbing and discouraging state of affairs. Because of this, some local institutions have lost the faith locals had in them.

Despite all the above challenges, it is still possible to get good education thanks to e-learning that offers several online courses.

2. Online Education, A Solution To Challenges Facing Local Institutions

This is a studying system where learners do not attend classes physically like the conventional way. (See also: Advantages of studying online)

Instead, learners are allowed to choose the timing of their own for classes. The classes take place online. It allows the student to have classes anywhere. It may be at the comfort of home or even at work.

All the learning and exams take place online as well. The qualifications attained by this system of learning are recognised just like those of physical learning (acknowledged degrees).

Online learning has many advantages. It is even possible to register for an online MBA without degree graduation. It makes it appealing to students facing challenges in their home countries.

Through online learning, it is possible to get a MBA without degree from a university. It can happen because some online courses allow admission for masters without a degree. 

3. Requirements For An Online MBA

Several factors need to be meet before one becomes an online student.

These include:

a) A Computer/ Laptop

It is the most important tool for online learning. It allows you to access your classes and exams. A good computer with good storage and high processing capacity is perfect for online programs.

b) Internet Connection

Without an internet connection, it is impossible to pursue an online course. Fast internet is good and makes learning smooth. The internet has to be reliable as well to avoid inconveniences whenever having classes.

c) Self-Discipline

This is an important trait that every online student needs. Because of the nature of learning, learners are not closely monitored. It, therefore, means one needs the self-discipline to remain on course. It is important to attend classes and complete assignments without supervision.

4. Advantages Of THE Online MBA Without Undergraduate Degree

Many advantages come with online studies.

Its flexibility in terms of time and scheduling is an attractive factor.

Other advantages include:

a) You Can Study At Home

Studying at home is a convenient way of access to education. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, learning at home without affecting your course work is advantageous. This also safe compared to interacting with the masses in public universities.

b) It is Time Flexible

With online education, lesson times are not rigid as in the case of conventional learning. This is because the learner is allowed to pick the best time for a session. The learner can also change the time when learning collides with the normal day to day schedule.

The time flexibility also allows you as a learner to attend to other errands and even work. A luxury like this that cannot be allowed in physical learning.

c) It is Cheap

Studying online is cheaper than seeking education at expensive private universities that are money-oriented. You do not have extra expenses like accommodation and other services offered to full-time students in universities. Tuition for most of the online courses is relatively low as well.

Some online courses such as strategic business management cost as low as £2200. If you are wondering if you can get an MBA without undergraduate degree, this is the solution. You can also get an executive MBA without an undergraduate degree.

d) Full Time support

Learners have full-time support from institutions offering online studies. The support staff and computer software work in tandem to offer support to learners. Inquiries can be made at any time with advanced computer technology like Siri and Zuri used in responding to inquiries.

Full-time support is important for online students. It ensures the learning flows with few interruptions. The chance to get immediate assistance whenever something arises is an underrated advantage of online education.

e) Online Learning community

Presence of an online community is an advantage to students. Interactions with other learners provide an opportunity for exposure. Networking with fellow students also increases chances of employment and opens up other opportunities.

f) Career Progression

Studying online equips learners with additional skills that may be important when seeking a job. Most notable is computer proficiency that most modern jobs require. Knowledge of computers skills may be the reason you get a job while your fellow applicant doesn't.

g) MBA Is Globally Recognised

Mba is one of the most recognised online courses. Online learning has the advantage of getting an MBA without an undergraduate degree. This is something local universities in most African countries will not entertain. You can even get an executive MBA without degree requirements for qualification.

All the requirements need for an MBA are available online. Online platforms offering MBA courses partner with renowned universities across the world. Credits offered by these online platforms are approved by these partner universities.

5. solution for the online MBA

There are online solutions that allow you to pursue your studies and avoid the hustle of local institutions.

The qualifications acquired are accepted globally and can be used to seek employment.

My favorite solution is:

Online Business School (OBS)

The Online Business School (see here my OBS review) offers another alternative when looking to learn online. It is an online learning platform that offers several courses both at postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

All the learning takes place online.

The cost of learning is also affordable.

After completing the course, learners receive credits recognised by the OBS partner universities in the United Kingdom.

Can you get an MBA without an undergraduate degree in business? Yes, you can, with OBS.

It is possible at level 7 entry, where you only require 5 years of managerial experience to qualify.

Level 7. Strategic Management and Leadership Course

This is a level 7 Advanced Entry Course for an Extended Diploma in Strategic Management.

After completion of the course, the learners are awarded 120 credits out of the possible 180. Learners can then top up the 120 in partner universities to receive the complete MBA.

Non-university graduates seeking this course have to be over 24 years old.

Prospective students are expected to at least have managerial experience of 5 years.

These are the two main requirements that a learner requires for admission.

The cost for this programme is £2,600.

It is an MBA without undergraduate degree needed.

The course is made up of up to 30 learning modules along with 8 assignments. Each module requires 40 learning hours.

The modules have extra sessions recommendations for readings, internet references and self-evaluating tests.

The learners have full-time access to support and learning.

The assessment process is quite simple. It consists of 30 questions with multiple choices provided. The test is automatic at an hour's duration. When the hour is over, the test ends automatically. The questions are answered in sets of five.

After completion of the test, learners receive their results immediately.

Learners who have passed the test receive a completion certificate. If one fails, they are required to retake the assessment.

Upon completion of the assessments, the learners can now take on the 8 assignments.

The assignments test the learners understanding of the modules covered.

After passing the assignments, one is now eligible to receive the Diploma award.

With the diploma, learners can top it up to a complete MBA without bachelor degree in a partner university.


Because of different reasons, some young people are unable to pursue education to university level.

It is a challenge mostly experienced by young African students.

However, the emergence of online platforms has changed the norm.

Coursera and the Online Business School are leading examples.

It is possible to now have an executive MBA without undergraduate degree.

An online MBA without degree is now recognised by employers. It has opened up a lot of employment opportunities.

For young Africans struggling with getting an education, this is a golden chance.

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