Distance Education especially for people in Africa

Many individuals sadly never received a formal education, or the grades and academic achievements that they truly deserved.

This could be for many reasons.

Perhaps they were never given the opportunity?

Maybe they suffered from illness or were simply in the wrong learning environment?

However, learning and academic study no longer has to stop at 16 or 18 years of age.

The introduction of e-learning and online courses, has now made the world of continuing education accessible for everyone.

So, whatever the reason may be for not achieving academic success while at school; continuing education via the elearning route is now the obvious choice.

Education is the key to achieving your goals and for African students looking to boost their skills and fulfil their potential, e-learning is an attractive solution, expanding the concept of education away from traditional settings to reach anyone with a mobile device and the internet.

Whether you live in a rural area where additional education and learning resources are difficult to access or whether you find online learning more convenient because of your personal circumstances, online courses have removed many obstacles to education across the continent.

E-learning in Africa offers new educational opportunities to everyone with internet access via a smartphone or other device: you can choose from a wide range of courses that meet the pressing need for skilled workers in today’s employment marketplace.

Continuing training is essential for professional development but when you’re short of time, it can be hard to keep up with rapidly changing requirements.

What others say about distance education:

David M. Holland Java Development

Online education cuts out travel time and gets right to the point. Especially for a masters. I did physics. To be honest, we didn’t need to see each other and usually didnt. Its a very stubborn science. We worked together, but usually after we already had answers we wanted others to review. If we did online, we don’t have to travel. Fantastic.


Distance learning will make education more accessible in Africa, if the learners do have access to high speed internet, electricity and basic skills of using and operating simple tech platforms and systems.

Chepkole Johnmark Student at Karatina University

Yes I love your website, it's responsive, easy to use I mean user friendly, I was assessing its functionality and I've seen it works on its purpose well, I just love it. It's design is wow.

Improve your skills

Improve your skills with online courses

Online courses are tailored to meet your needs and affordable, non-certificated online courses are the perfect way to enhance your skills quickly.

Packed with high-quality material, online courses will help you get up to speed in many different areas of specialization including leadership, coding, social media and communication.

E learning allows the use of innovative education techniques such as learning through games (gamification) and online courses are designed to make learning fun.

With online courses, you have complete flexibility and you can fit your study time into your daily timetable rather than the other way around, so you do your independent learning at a time and place that suits you.

Whether you need to study after work to improve your career opportunities in your current position or are fitting your learning around family commitments, you have complete control and set your own pace.

You can pause the video, replay it and can review the course as often as you like, it’s up to you.

Study online

Online degree courses are an increasingly popular option for African students wishing to graduate online with a top university in the US or Europe. Whether you are thinking of studying for an undergraduate online degree or a postgraduate degree such as an MBA, you will discover that e-learning offers many advantages.

Online degrees are as well respected as traditional campus degrees and help students to prepare for a successful career with a first class education.

Studying for an online degree can be particularly helpful for African students who are unable to leave their home country, whether for reasons of finance, family commitments or immigration policies.

Online degree courses are much more cost effective than campus degrees and for many courses, financial assistance is available. With an online degree, you have the opportunity to study with a leading university while still living at home. E.g. for an online degree in computer science or Business Administration and Management.

Thanks to this flexibility, you can earn your online degree while holding down a job or fulfilling other commitments.

Students studying for an online degree have access to all the course materials needed, including video lectures, textbooks and other course materials.

Online degree courses are community driven and you will be participating in a global network of respected professors, industry leaders and other online alumni. 

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